About Us


Dahabshiil was first established by Mohamed Said Duale in the Somali town of Burao. Duale began by importing goods including food, construction materials and clothing from the Gulf.


As civil conflict grew, millions of Somalis were displaced and sought refuge throughout the Horn of Africa and around the world. With limited resources, Duale and his family established the Dahabshiil remittance network enabling Somalis to send support to their loved ones wherever they were.


Dahabshiil expanded across Somali territory, the Horn and East of Africa. It started transferring funds on behalf of international humanitarian agencies in support of efforts to ease the suffering of Somalis stuck in the epicentre of conflict.


Dahabshiil Transfer Services (DTS) was established in the United Kingdom where some of Duale’s family, along with many Somali migrants, had moved. That same year, the company expanded its network across Europe and the United States serving immigrants from across the Horn and East of Africa. The Dahabshiil Group of companies expanded to the telecommunications sector, acquiring a majority stake in Somtel.


East Africa Bank (EAB) was established in Djibouti, joining The Dahabshiil Group of companies.


Dahabshil Bank International (DBI) was established in Hargeisa with branches across the Somali territories, joining the Dahabshiil portfolio of financial service companies.


MicroDahab was established as a microfinance institution of DBI to create employment opportunities for youth, women, start-ups, and small-scale farmers to reduce poverty.


The eDahab mobile money transfer service was launched


Somtel launches the first eSim service in the Somali-speaking region. Later it was the first to introduce 4G and 5G services.


Bluekom Fiber, offering fast and reliable residential and business fibre optic internet connections, joins The Dahabshiil Group of companies.